Callout creates box styling around any text. Use it on any page or post, inside grid, section or column.



Optional Parameters


  • Type: string
  • Description:  Change the default callout background. Accepts 3 or 6 digit hex value with or without hash (#).
  • Example: [callout bg="ffe6e6"]


  • Type: string
  • Description:  Add additional HTML classes to the callout HTML. 
  • Example: [callout class="some-class another-class"]


  • Type: string
  • Description:  Add an HTML id to the callout HTML. 
  • Example: [callout id="my-column"]


  • Type: string
  • Description:  Add custom inline CSS styling to the callout HTML.
  • Example: [callout style="border: 5px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.4);"] 

Usage Examples

<h2 class="text-xs-center">Get their attention</h2>
This is the landing page template,with a [[callout]] shortcode inside. This page template removes all navigation and widget areas, but leaves layout options, so you can have full-width, medium,or small content,and even keep sidebars if you want.
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