Sections Template

Mai Theme utilizes a unique Section template to setup full width pages. Generally this is used for the Home page but can also be used on any other page, you aren't limited to widgets on the front page like many (most?) Genesis child themes. Sections work well with Grid and Columns/Col shortcodes too, so all can be used together.

How To Use

  1. Select "Sections" from the Page Attributes meta box.
  2. Publish or save as draft the page.
  3. If using the block editor (default in WP v5+) you need to manually refresh the browser window to activate the template settings.
  4. Set the page layout to one without a sidebar.
  5. Customize.
  6. Publish!

Important: If you have WooCommerce installed, make sure you have a "Shop" page set via your Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Shop Page. For whatever reason, WooCommerce seems to blow things up without that page set.

Sections template works best with a page layout that does not use a sidebar.

How To Customize

The Sections template adds a Sections repeating metabox. Each section is like a small individual page editor, with a Title and Content area with a Text and Visual Editor. Each section includes a standard format bar, and buttons to add available content types. Any content can be added, including Grids, Column/Cols, and Callouts. You can add as many sections to a page as you'd like - reorder them using the up/down arrows, or remove them as needed.

Sections include additional settings where you can configure the background color or image, overlay and inner style, height and content width - the same banner settings available in the customizer!

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