NOTE: Site Identity/Logo upload requires Genesis 2.6 and above. If you are using an older version of Genesis but not showing an update, please go to Customizer > Theme Settings > Updates and make sure the box is checked to "Check For Updates". Then visit Dashboard > Updates and click "Check Again" to get the update to show.

Visit Customizer > Site Branding panel, upload your logo, crop or skip cropping, and set the logo width.

If your logo image is already the correct size, choose "Skip cropping".

Set your logo width.

This is a video walkthrough about how to upload your logo:

Logo Alignment

With Mai Theme you can easily show your logo and/or menus in different positions. All it takes is to create navigation menus, and set the menu locations. Details on setting up menus is located in our Menus article.

This video will show you how to find all the menu locations in Mai Theme:

Mai Theme supports 5 menu locations - Primary, Header Left, Header Right, Footer, and Mobile. The Header Right and Header Left menu locations influences where the logo with appear. For example, using a menu with the Header Right menu will force the log to align to the left.  Here's how we use menu placement to influence the logo location:

Header Right menu - logo aligned left:

Header Left and Header Right menus - logo centered:

Header Left menu - logo aligned right

This video shows you how to do it:

See our additional Menus documentation for instructions on adding icons and css classes to menu items.

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