1.11.0 (2/3/20)

  • Added: Section/Grid/Col background images and archive/featured images now use <picture>  and <source>  elements for much better mobile speed performance by loading smaller images on smaller window sizes.
  • Added: Now add a context of "hidden" (without quotes) to any Section in the Sections template to disable it from being displayed on the front end.
  • Added: New mai_scroll_to_elements filter to add elements by class/id/etc to allow slow scroll to anchor links.
  • Added: New mai_flex_entry_info and mai_flex_entry_meta filter to specifically filter info/meta in [grid].
  • Added: Styling for the search block.
  • Added: Styling for captions on image block.
  • Added: Support for new Genesis entry meta customizer settings.
  • Changed: No longer remove entry-header element when banner area is displayed.
  • Changed: Updated WooCommerce templates to latest version.
  • Changed: Better "starts with" JS, without regex.
  • Changed: Much less aggressive list styling.
  • Changed: Much better .scroll-to anchor link handling for slow scrolling to elements.
  • Fixed: Mobile menu should not display on Landing page template.
  • Fixed: Mobile menu now closes when using anchor links to the same page in a menu item. Example: https://example.com/#some-element
  • Fixed: Nav search button getting cut off in some edge cases.
  • Fixed: Comment spacing when not displaying avatars in comments.
  • Fixed: Context setting in Sections template not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Flex entry header spacing when displaying image without left or right alignment.
  • Fixed: Reveal header being stuck concealed when scrolling back to top really fast in some instances.
  • Fixed: Simpler post meta helper function that fixes mai_post_meta_taxos filter when using in [grid].
  • Fixed: [grid] adaptiveheight parameter not working.
  • Fixed: Banner settings was not available on page for posts (blog page) when banner is hidden on Pages.
  • Fixed: Lists are now styled correctly in comments.
  • Fixed: Better aspect ratio boxes in Firefox. (11/13/19)

  • Fixed: Hotfix for WPDI_Plugin_Installer_Skin dependency installer incompatibility with WordPress 5.3.

1.10.4 (5/6/19)

  • Fixed: Forgot to update version number, sorry!

1.10.3 (5/6/19)

  • Changed: Better support for older Edge and Firefox when using background images on entries (aspect ratio boxes).
  • Fixed: Content overlay issue on mobile when using background images on entries (aspect ratio boxes).
  • Fixed: Header sticking too early when logged out and not using Before Header widget area.

1.10.2 (5/3/19)

  • Fixed: Logo and menu alignment when using centered logo via left and right header navigation.

1.10.1 (5/2/19)

  • Fixed: Aspect ratio vertical height issue.

1.10.0 (5/2/19)

  • Added: Logo and Shrink/Mobile logo sizing/spacing settings.
  • Added: Setting to define when the mobile menu should display.
  • Added: [grid] Allow author="current" to display posts from the author of the currently viewed post.
  • Changed: Aspect ratio boxes are now pure CSS and load instantly instead of waiting until JS is loaded.
  • Changed: Make sure primary sidebar widget content is always 300px wide (for ads) regardless of boxed settings.
  • Changed: Better WooCommerce payment box description margins.
  • Changed: Slightly more spacing on comment form button.
  • Changed: Removed WooCommerce notice flexbox code. Too hard to take all scenarios into consideration.
  • Fixed: Side mobile menu bug when using Reveal Header setting.
  • Fixed: Fix alignment of nested submenu when used as last submenu item of the last top level menu item.
  • Fixed: Missing search icon if used in before header widget area.
  • Fixed: No longer enqueue FitVids.js if theme is customized to add support for 'responsive-embeds'.

1.9.1 (3/26/19)

  • Fixed: Error with visibility settings on WooCommerce Shop page when WooCommerce is not active.

1.9.0 (3/26/19)

  • Added: Better scroll performance.
  • Added: Use logo width setting for login logo.
  • Fixed: Better handling of comma separated grid parameters.
  • Fixed: Allow additional styleselect elements with the classic editor.
  • Fixed: Transparent sub-menu when using Navigation Menu widget in Before Header widget area.
  • Fixed: Duplicated category description on WooCommerce product categories when intro text was empty.
  • Fixed: Align the header's last menu item's sub-menu to the right so it's not outside of the window.
  • Fixed: Remove extra padding on Sections template when content sidebar wrap is boxed.
  • Fixed: Check if doing ajax before running update_post_metadata filter.
  • Fixed: More thorough handling of WooCommerce notices with long content.
  • Fixed: Remove references to FontAwesome on WooCommerce account navigation.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce account navigation extra margin.
  • Fixed: Hide the banner visibility setting on WooCommerce Shop page. Banner uses the customizer setting since it's technically a CPT archive.
  • Fixed: Only add bottom border to links that don't have a class.
  • Fixed: [grid] Only use overlay parameters if image_location="bg".
  • Fixed: [grid] Correctly link/display author name to match blog archive defaults. (2/13/19)

  • Fixed: Better support for older PHP in logo width customizer field. Please just run PHP 7 though.

1.8.3 (2/12/19)

  • Fixed: Some background images not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Jetpack Photon "Speed up image load times" setting, again.
  • Fixed: More solid header/logo shrink when scrolling/jumping quickly up/down the page.
  • Fixed: Added back the .scroll class to the body any time a user is scrolled on a page.

1.8.2 (2/8/19)

  • Fixed: Broken layout when using [col] shortcodes with image attribute.
  • Fixed: Hidden overflow on widgets hiding grid slider arrows.
  • Fixed: Jetpack Photon "Speed up image load times" setting blowing up image srcset filters.
  • Fixed: Error when switching to a non-Mai Theme in multisite.

1.8.1 (2/7/19)

  • Fixed: Hotfix for missing argument in srscet function.

1.8.0 (2/7/19)

  • Added: Align full/wide support for the block editor (Gutenberg).
  • Added: Huge performance increases (faster page load times) all around, especially on mobile!
  • Added: Section and [grid] images now serve smaller images on smaller window sizes via srcset.
  • Added: New 'full-width' image size, mostly for section image srcset.
  • Added: Logo width field. Great for retina logos and will help with special features in Mai Styles.
  • Added: Now enable beta updates of all Mai plugins via the Customizer > Theme Settings.
  • Added: Default button styles for Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Added: New mai_pp() helper function for development.
  • Changed: Fully rebuilt scroll related JS for better performance.
  • Changed: Scale text based site title according to window/browser width.
  • Changed: Remove border from mobile menu items.
  • Changed: Better styling for Genesis eNews Extended widget.
  • Fixed: [grid] slider dots showing when only one slide.
  • Fixed: [grid] slider now automatically detects and supports rtl sites.
  • Fixed: [grid] Read more buttons now aligned to the bottom when image_align="center".
  • Fixed: Logo shrinking to 0px in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Body not scrollable if closing mobile menu with esc key.
  • Fixed: Superfish undefined error when using certain page builders or templates that disable superfish.
  • Fixed: 'scroll-to' class now adjusts to admin bar when logged in and header when when sticky.

1.7.0 (12/14/18)

  • Added: New 'mai_valid_section_args' filter to allow new settings to get passed to mai_get_section() function when using the Sections template.
  • Changed: Now use wp_parse_args to allow new items added via shortcode_atts_ filter to still pass to Mai_Section class.
  • Changed: Sections now pass args to genesis_markup function.
  • Changed: Add priority to Mai Banner Area customizer settings.

1.6.3 (12/12/18)

  • Changed: Updated CMB2 to 2.5.1.
  • Changed: Remove overflow hidden on some elements to allow easier styling enhancements.

1.6.2 (12/10/18)

  • Changed: Now only add left margin to ul's that don't have a class.
  • Changed: [grid] Better processing/formatting of content and excerpts.
  • Fixed: Sections template now properly disables the block editor in WP 5.0.
  • Fixed: Editing the blog page now correctly shows the editor whether using Classic or Gutenberg/Block editor.

1.6.1 (11/30/18)

  • Fixed: Left margin is no longer added to ul's that are flexington rows.
  • Changed: Filter genesis sitemap to show all public post types anywhere the sitemap is used.
  • Changed: [grid] Only strip HTML tags from excerpt/content if image_location is bg.

1.6.0 (11/28/18)

  • Added: Disable Gutenberg on any page using the Sections template (requires page refresh if setting page template inside Gutenberg).
  • Added: Better WooCommerce payment form styling.
  • Added: Better WooCommerce checkout coupon form styling.
  • Changed: Fully rebuilt sitemap.php template. 'mai_sitemap_post_types' filter now passes all post types that will be displayed.
  • Changed: More thorough WooCommerce button styling.
  • Changed: More thorough WooCommerce notices styling.
  • Changed: Removed heading/title hyphens on mobile. Too many people didn't like it. Only using word-break now when the word is larger than the container.
  • Changed: [grid] Hide additional slides on page load before slider is initialized.
  • Changed: [grid] Whitelist image_align values so uses an unaccepted value won't break things.
  • Fixed: [grid] align_cols parameter shouldn’t be adding entry classes.

1.5.3 (11/21/18)

  • Fixed: Better accessibility (aria) in menu search icon.
  • Fixed: Nav menu search box now opens above menu when used in Footer menu location.
  • Fixed: Sidebar bottom margin now matches content regardless of boxed container settings.
  • Fixed: Adjacent entry nav now works with Genesis 2.7+.
  • Fixed: Entry titles when displayed over dark section background.
  • Changed: [grid] More performant via no_found_rows being set to false.
  • Changed: Add file time to the main stylesheet version for easy cache-busting when editing the file.
  • Changed: Center login menu links below form.
  • Changed: Slightly tweaked CSS when using 3 levels of menu items (pro tip: don't do this).
  • Changed: More pixel-perfect CSS search icon in nav so we can use CSS transparency for color.
  • Changed: Bump normalize.css to latest v8.0.1.

1.5.2 (11/8/18)

  • Fixed: No longer add top margin to .flex-grid when there are 2 [grid]'s one after another.
  • Fixed: Redeclare function error for edge case when Woo upsells template is called twice.

1.5.1 (11/6/18)

  • Fixed: [grid] Stripping whitespaces and some characters from author_before, author_after, date_before, date_after parameters.
  • Fixed: Search icon in Header Before widget area navigation menus.
  • Fixed: Only show blog page content/description on the first page.

1.5.0 (11/2/18)

  • Fixed: 1.4.3 had featured updates so should have been bumped to 1.5.0 (Semantic Versioning FTW).
  • Fixed: Category descriptions not displaying when "Hide entries" was checked off.

1.4.3 (11/1/18)

  • Added: [grid] 'parent' param now accepts the post/term slug instead of requiring ID or 'current'.
  • Added: New ghost button CSS classes.
  • Added: Bring back editor "button" style attribute dropdown, with new button styles/options.
  • Fixed: Featured image error notice if media attachment is deleted or lost.
  • Fixed: Reveal header setting not fully hiding headers when AdSense or other content is added which makes the header taller than expected.
  • Fixed: Duplicate category description if no intro text was set in WooCommerce product category/tag archives.

1.4.2 (10/17/18)

  • Added: New mai_entry_image_link filter on the entry image link HTML.
  • Fixed: Mobile side-menu top margin when logged in on mobile.
  • Fixed: Mobile side-menu overlapping when opening the menu after scrolling down with Reveal Header setting enabled.
  • Fixed: Duplicate gallery wrap utility classes when more than one gallery was on a page.
  • Changed: Sections template display now uses sanitize_key instead of sanitize_title_with_dashes for "context" because it's more performant.

1.4.1 (10/9/18)

  • Fixed: Body not able to scroll after closing the side menu in some edge-case scenarios.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce shop page star ratings display bug.
  • Fixed: Better cross-browser support for aspect ratio JS helper function.

1.4.0 (10/5/18)

  • Added: New 'Reveal' header setting that hides menu when scrolling down and reveals it when scrolling up.
  • Added: New 'section' image size (1600px by 900px) for banner/sections that height is lg/xl.
  • Added: [grid][columns][col] 'top' param to add top margin. Accepts 'none', 'xxxs', 'xxs', 'xs', 'sm', 'md', 'lg', 'xl', or 'xxl'.
  • Added: [grid] Added 'target' param to grid to set post urls target to '_blank', as an example.
  • Added: [grid] Added 'rel' param to grid to set post urls rel to 'noopener', as an example.
  • Added: $attributes parameter to mai_get_read_more_link() and mai_get_bg_image_link() functions.
  • Added: HTML5 gallery and caption support.
  • Added: Top/bottom/gutter classes by browser width and size. Example: top-xs-md bottom-xs-lg gutter-xs-sm.
  • Added: rel="noopener" to Genesis Connect for WooCommerce install notice.
  • Added: text-xxl utility class.
  • Added: Basic styling for Genesis eNews Extended plugin/widget.
  • Changed: No longer enqueue Font Awesome for new installs.
  • Changed: Menu dropdown icons, menu search icon, grid/slick slider arrow icon are now pure HTML/CSS.
  • Changed: Deprecated bottom/gutter number values (10, 20, 30, etc) in favor of sizes (xs, sm, md, etc).
  • Changed: Converted most padding/margin to values divisible by 4's or 8's.
  • Changed: Aspect ratio calculations now use vanilla JS. Props @tomhodgins from cssplus.
  • Changed: [grid] slider now hides extra slides via CSS until Slick is initialized and builds the slider.
  • Changed: Bump Flexington version to 2.4.0. New top helper classes.
  • Changed: Removed CSS color: initial; since IE doesn't support it. Specified a color value.
  • Changed: WooCommerce product category/tag archives display Archive Intro Text when banner is disabled.
  • Changed: More efficient Woo product shortcode loop entry classes.
  • Fixed: [grid] Better FacetWP handling when there are no results after filtering.
  • Fixed: Banner/Featured image field should show even when banner is disabled, since this image is used for [grid] as well.
  • Fixed: "Hide featured image" setting won't show if post type doesn't support featured images.
  • Fixed: Duplicate archive title/description on Woo taxonomy archives since Genesis Connect for WooCommerce added this in 1.0.
  • Fixed: Don't show empty archive-description wrap if there is no editor content on page-for-posts.
  • Fixed: Overly aggressive bottom margin on entries.
  • Fixed: Fix WP's Google Schema error, "The property logo is not recognised by Google for an object of type WPHeader".
  • Fixed: Out of date template notice in WooCommerce content-product.php.

1.3.7 (7/13/18)

  • Fixed: Site header search bar CSS moved to larger screens only.

1.3.6 (7/12/18)

  • Fixed: Aspect ratio strangeness with background images.

1.3.5 (7/11/18)

  • Fixed: Search results layout not following content archive default layout.
  • Fixed: no-js/js body class toggle JS not working properly.

1.3.4 (7/9/18)

  • Added: Add support for WooCommerce [products] shortcode.
  • Fixed: Broken genesis_search_title_text filter in banner.

1.3.3 (7/6/18)

  • Added: mai_grid_args filter.
  • Added: mai_grid_query_args filter.
  • Fixed: Wrap long linked urls/text so it doesn't break out of its container.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable in banner when front page shows latest posts.
  • Fixed: Missing search query in banner title.
  • Fixed: Added div wrap to bg-link so wpautop doesn’t break it.
  • Fixed: Better compatibility with JS aspect ratio calculations when caching plugins create critical CSS stylesheets.
  • Fixed: Empty banner image metabox when banner disabled.
  • Fixed: Nav menu skip links now work correctly. (6/22/18)

  • Fixed: Earlier mobile first sidebar breakpoint.

1.3.2 (6/22/18)

  • Fixed: Revert content/sidebar and footer widgets to flexbox because IE is horrible but we still want it to work.
  • Fixed: Content-sidebar gap when using boxed content sidebar wrap.
  • Fixed: More consistent font-size and text-transform on mobile menu.
  • Fixed: Hide title setting wasn't working on Blog page.
  • Fixed: Page title wasn't showing on Shop page when banner was disabled.

1.3.1 (6/2/18)

  • Fixed: Better vertical alignment when using align_text param on [grid] or [col].

1.3.0 (6/2/18)

  • Added: Sections import/export feature.
  • Added: Page Builder page template.
  • Added: Boxed Content setting to declare which elements should have a boxed vs seamless look, including the main site container.
  • Added: Banner title and description separation so it's much easier to remove or filter only the title or description.
  • Added: Visibility Settings metabox on single posts to hide banner, featured image, breadcrumbs, and title.
  • Added: Support for Genesis Title Toggle plugin.
  • Added: Section/Banner "Content Alignment" setting ('align_content' param) to show banner title and description top, center, bottom vertically as well as left, center, right horizontally.
  • Added: [section] 'image_size' parameter. Can also be filtered via shortcode_atts_section filter.
  • Added: [section] Full width inline image support by inserting an image into the editor and adding "full-width-image" class to the section settings.
  • Added: [section] 'style' parameter for HTML inline styles.
  • Added: [section] 'context' parameter and setting to be used with new 'mai_section_args' filter.
  • Added: [grid] 'boxed' parameter to have control over a boxed vs seamless look.
  • Added: [grid] 'adaptiveheight' parameter to allow the grid height to shrink/grow depending on each slide's content. Works best when columns="1".
  • Added: [grid] 'exclude_displayed' parameter to only show posts that haven't already been shown in other instances of [grid] on page/post.
  • Added: [grid] 'xs', 'sm', 'md', 'lg', 'xl' parameters to set the span of columns out of 12. '6' would be 1/2, since 6 is 1/2 of 12, as an example.
  • Added: [col] (and all col_* shortcodes) 'xs', 'sm', 'md', 'lg', 'xl' parameters.
  • Added: [columns] 'bottom' param to easily add bottom margin.
  • Added: WooCommerce star rating default styling.
  • Added: 'mai_sitemap_post_types' filter on Sitemap post types.
  • Added: Top margin to nested lists.
  • Changed: Reorganized Customizer settings panels/sections.
  • Changed: CSS Grid now used for content/sidebars and footer widgets columns.
  • Changed: [grid] Now defaults to order_by="menu_order" and order="ASC" when display a single hierarchical post type like pages.
  • Changed: More solid and efficient header shrink. Now done with small JS instead of CSS scale().
  • Changed: Removed editor stylesheet. We never used it properly, and Gutenberg is coming.
  • Changed: WooCommerce up-sells, cross-sells, and related product columns now have their own filters. Cross-sells now default to 2 columns so they fit better on the cart page.
  • Changed: Remove mai_html_cleanup_script(). Too hacky and unecessary.
  • Changed: Only force full width image on flex entries when image is not aligned (left, right, or center).
  • Changed: Moved list-style-type CSS only to parent ol/ul to be less aggressive and easier to override in style.css.
  • Changed: Bumped normalize CSS to 8.0.0.
  • Changed: Less aggressive removal of WooCommerce Shop page metaboxes.
  • Changed: Removed site title/logo toggle from Customizer.
  • Changed: Replaced Fluidvids with FitVids and added 'mai_enable_responsive_videos' filter so it's much easier to disable.
  • Changed: Bump CMB2 to v2.4.2.
  • Changed: Header nav menus now wrap menu items appropriately on mid-sized browser windows.
  • Changed: Breadcrumbs no longer follow page layout.
  • Changed: Center content in after entry author box on mobile.
  • Fixed: [grid] Stripping image if image_location="before_entry" and content_limit was too low.
  • Fixed: [grid] More control over spaces when using date_before, date_after, author_before, author_after params.
  • Fixed: [grid] Keep content on top of overlay when hovering on image bg link.
  • Fixed: [grid] Entry content text color when on a dark background.
  • Fixed: [grid] Only show bg image when show contains image in its values.
  • Fixed: [grid] Squishing entries when showing a slider that doesn't have as many entries as the columns setting.
  • Fixed: [grid] Slider arrows when using slider in a full width section.
  • Fixed: [grid] Get correct product category image when displaying WooCommerce product categories in grid.
  • Fixed: Adding new sections sets the proper defaults for each section.
  • Fixed: Sections template now properly passes page content to the first section so it's not lost when changing an existing page to Sections template.
  • Fixed: Sections template now displays a warning about deleting section data when changing to another page template.
  • Fixed: Sections template now deletes section meta when changing from Sections template to another page template.
  • Fixed: Sections template now respects password protection.
  • Fixed: Mobile menu toggle getting squished when logos are big.
  • Fixed: Landing page template logo not centered when 'genesis_header_right hook is used.
  • Fixed: Blockquote weirdness when inserted after an image aligned left or right.
  • Fixed: Removed taxonomy hierarchy settings checks, too inefficient.
  • Fixed: Landing and Sitemap templates weren't overrideable in theme.
  • Fixed: Retain "Hide featured image" post meta value when removing the existing featured image.
  • Fixed: Current menu item css on Header Before nav.
  • Fixed: Max width on nav search widget to site header.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes no longer on their own line in the comment form.
  • Fixed: Yoast metabox no longer hidden on WooCommerce shop page.
  • Fixed: Date archives now correctly follow content archive settings.

1.2.1 (2/15/18)

  • Added: Mai Theme now stores the first installed version number, so we can do safer upgrades/migrations later.
  • Added: Pass original atts to flex entry filters.
  • Changed: PHP 7.2 compatibility via updating CMB2 to 2.3.0.
  • Changed: CSS and JS file names from mai-pro to mai-theme.
  • Changed: Allow full width sections on any section outside of content-sidebar-wrap that is still inside site-inner. This includes banner-area.
  • Changed: Convert get_section() method to use genesis_markup(). And pass context from id. This allows all the awesome filters that genesis_markup() creates automatically.
  • Changed: Section inner left and right padding.
  • Fixed: Removed duplicate jquery cleanup scripts.
  • Fixed: Nested sub-menu alignment.

1.2.0 (1/17/18)

  • Added: Plugin icon when updating via Dashboard > Updates.
  • Changed: Plugin name to reflect official Mai Theme brand.
  • Changed: Convert sticky header from JS to CSS-only.
  • Changed: Move mai_header_before and mai_header_after hooks outside of site-header.
  • Changed: Mobile menu toggle now uses psuedo-elements for less markup.
  • Changed: More vertical padding on text inputs.
  • Changed: Allow widget entry titles to inherit font weight.
  • Changed: More consistent base body background and even section background color.
  • Changed: Minor tweaks to borders, spacing, etc.
  • Changed: Comment edit link now doesn't alter comment layout.
  • Changed: Fixed overflow breaking out of full width sections in some edge-case scenarios.
  • Fixed: [grid] links adding product to cart instead of going to product page when clicking title or image.
  • Fixed: Add section wrap if using a title without content.
  • Fixed: Woo cross-sells and up-sells heading font size.
  • Fixed: Woo qty now has a bit more right margin.
  • Fixed: Sections template admin now parses [gallery] shortcodes correctly.
  • Fixed: More precise handling of sub-menu widths. (1/03/18)

  • Fixed: [grid] Not showing only top level posts/terms if 'parent' param was '0'.

1.1.13 (1/02/18)

  • Changed: Only float avatar in comments and author box.
  • Changed: Safer and simpler responsive breaks for all column shortcodes.
  • Changed: Hyphenate sidebar widget titles and text.
  • Fixed: Horizontal scroll issue on pages with full width sections.
  • Fixed: Site footer nav menu widgets not wrapping menu items on smaller screens.

1.1.12 (12/28/17)

  • Added: Slider max-width set in CSS so layout isn't totally broken on initial page load before Slick is initialized.
  • Changed: Better docblock for template loader function.
  • Fixed: Slashes being added to header and footer script metabox content when saving via Theme Settings.
  • Fixed: Slider arrows were cut off by browser window on full width layout at certain browser widths.
  • Fixed: Logo didn't remain centered when no header left or right content and no mobile menu assigned.
  • Fixed: Woo reviews styling issue.
  • Fixed: Issue with PHP 5.4 though we don't officially support PHP that low, but it was an easy fix.

1.1.11 (12/21/17)

  • Changed: [grid] Move 'mai_flex_entry_content' filter before more-link.
  • Fixed: [grid] bg-image link not working correctly when displaying taxonomy terms.
  • Fixed: Login logo not working in WP 4.9.
  • Fixed: Woo qty field is now same height as button it's next to.
  • Fixed: Term banner image field always shows now, since that image is used for [grid] even when banner is disabled.

1.1.10 (12/20/17)

  • Added: [col] 'link' param which accepts a url or a post ID to make the entire col a link.
  • Changed: [col] 'image' param now accepts 'featured' to use a post's featured image when 'link' is set to a post ID.
  • Fixed: [col] 'align' and 'bottom' params not working as expected.
  • Fixed: Overlay and image-bg background-colors and hover colors.

1.1.9 (12/19/17)

  • Added: [grid] 'date_query_before' and 'date_query_after' parameters. They accept any values that strtotime() accepts. To show only posts within the last 30 days you can just use date_query_after="30 days ago". (10/22/17)

  • Fixed: More full-proof genesis-settings pre update option filter.

1.1.8 (10/21/17)

  • Changed: Sections template no longer loads a template file, so you can use Sections template in Dashboard but still use front-page.php (or other template) in your theme.
  • Changed: Entry header meta now wraps to it’s own line on smaller screens.
  • Fixed: Hide empty callout divs.
  • Fixed: Settings not saving correctly. (10/18/17)

  • Fixed: Some custom Mai settings were not saving correctly in customizer.

1.1.7 (10/14/17)

  • Fixed: Some custom settings getting cleared during Genesis updates.
  • Fixed: Shortcodes getting parsed by Yoast/WPSEO would break things if [grid] was used with parent="current" as a parameter.
  • Fixed: Duplicate h1's, again. (10/10/17)

  • Fixed: Duplicate h1's on some posts/pages under certain conditions. (9/29/17)

  • Added: Extra Small and Extra Large height options to Sections template.
  • Fixed: Height ratios for more consistent scaling.
  • Fixed: Banner height upgrade default to 'lg' if image used.

1.1.6 (9/29/17)

  • Added: Banner "Height" setting in customizer.
  • Added: [section] Add "Text Size" field to Sections template (and [section text_size="lg"] shortcode).
  • Added: [section] Add "wrap_class" parameter to section shortcode to add a class to the wrap div.
  • Added: Filter on 'mai_cpt_settings_post_types' to change which post types get Mai customizer settings support.
  • Added: Single post comments link now slow scrolls to the comments section.
  • Changed: Smarter handling of h1 on site-title, banner, and/or first section title, depending on what is used.
  • Changed: Convert all font sizes to rem/em for 'module' or 'component' based font sizing. Uses "Major Third" sizing ratio.
  • Changed: Sections template now shows breadcrumbs if they are enabled for Pages.
  • Changed: Section settings now close when clicking on section content field in a Sections template.
  • Changed: More thorough and more efficient filter to add custom logo.
  • Changed: Bump normalize.css to 7.0.0.
  • Changed: Move all media queries to mobile-first.
  • Fixed: Single post footer entry meta no longer shows private taxonomies.
  • Fixed: Big mobile menus getting cut off when logged in and showing toolbar.
  • Fixed: [grid] Title spacing when showing image before entry.
  • Fixed: Sections template now properly formats quotes to smart quotes, apostrophes, dashes, ellipses, the trademark symbol, and the multiplication symbol. Via wptexturize().
  • Fixed: Admin login logo spacing when error/notice is displayed. (9/20/17)

  • Fixed: Missing closing div on site header row.

1.1.5 (9/15/17)

  • Fixed: CPT settings from Customizer getting changed when saving CPT Archive Settings in the backend.

1.1.4 (9/15/17)

  • Fixed: CPT archive images would not display when using custom archive settings if Mai Content Archives images were not set to display.
  • Fixed: Some default settings were getting changed when updating/saving via Genesis > Theme Settings.
  • Fixed: Jumpy slider on IE11. Bumped Slick to 1.8.0. (9/14/17)

  • Fixed: Header/Footer scripts getting slashed when updating settings via the Customizer.

1.1.3 (9/14/17)

  • Fixed: Critical bug where saving Genesis > Theme Settings were resetting all custom settings.
  • Fixed: Hide Featured Image setting unable to save as unchecked after saving as checked.
  • Fixed: Hide Featured Image setting not hiding image on WooCommerce products.

1.1.2 (9/13/17)

  • Added: [grid] New "image_align" parameter. Accepts left, center, or right. This allows [grid] to display content exactly like default archives (e.g. the blog).
  • Added: [col] New "bg" parameter. Accepts hex value. Example: [col bg="#000000"].
  • Added: [grid] [col] New "bottom" parameter. This allows you to define the bottom margin (spacing) on each entry/column. Example: [col bottom="10"]. This would add 10px of margin to the bottom. Valid values are 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Changed: Updated plugin-update-checker to latest version (4.2).
  • Fixed: Posts per page setting not working on CPT archives.
  • Fixed: Max width on entry pagination images when images weren't regenerated after activating Mai Pro.

1.1.1 (9/11/17)

  • Changed: Allow borders to show around flex-entry images.
  • Changed: Site header padding consistency.
  • Fixed: Sidebar order on Sidebar-Content layout.
  • Fixed: Hiding featured image on a page/post not saving correctly. (9/8/17)

  • Fixed: [grid] slider jump when scrolling/swiping a slider partially out of the viewport.

1.1.0 (9/8/17)

  • Added: Post type specific settings: Default layouts, auto-display feaured image, hide banner, and much more.
  • Changed: Move core settings from theme_mods and metaboxes to options in the Customizer. Hooray, live previews!
  • Changed: Sections page template now also saves section content to 'content' column in the DB, for search indexing and SEO analysis (via Yoast/etc).
  • Changed: [grid] slidestoscroll now defaults to the amount of columns in the grid.
  • Fixed: Site header not using h1 on front page.
  • Fixed: Various other minor bug fixes:

1.0.16 (8/14/17)

  • Changed: The mai_get_read_more_link() function now fires inside the loop and gives access to more data.
  • Changed: Now using genesis_attr filter for more-link element, for more control and filterable attributes.
  • Changed: [grid] When add_to_cart="true", only the Add To Cart button adds product to cart, image/title link to the product itself.
  • Fixed: Issue when a form is in Woo short description. (8/10/17)

  • Fixed: Sections template fields weren't full width.

1.0.15 (8/10/17)

  • Changed: Sections metabox is now displayed directly after the title field.
  • Changed: Update CMB2 to
  • Fixed: Error when /%category%/ was used in permalinks and your visit a 404's url.
  • Fixed: Sub-menu text alignment when text wraps to a second line.

1.0.14 (8/7/17)

  • Changed: Better blockquote styling.
  • Changed: Remove excess grid top margin.
  • Changed: Sections template now sanitizes WYSIWYG editor value the same as WP. (8/1/17)

  • Fixed: Page template loader no longer runs on all pages. More efficient and fixes potential conflicts. Props @timothyjensen.

1.0.13 (8/1/17)

  • Added: [grid] New filter on default args so developers can change the default settings for the shortcode.
  • Changed: Better blockquote styling.
  • Changed: Better button style handling, especially with WooCommerce buttons.
  • Fixed: [grid] Image markup when image_location is before_entry link is false.
  • Fixed: [grid] Slider dot color when on dark background.
  • Fixed: mai_get_grid() helper function unnecessarily requiring $content param. (7/28/17)

  • Changed: Add bottom margin to galleries.
  • Fixed: Better browser support for gradient overlay. (7/27/17)

  • Changed: More efficient fix for removing empty <p> tags from shortcodes in widgets.

1.0.12 (7/26/17)

  • Added: [grid] can now 'exclude_categories' from display. Example: Display all posts except those in the 'Recipes' category.
  • Fixed: [grid] Center slider dots.

1.0.11 (7/24/17)

  • Changed: Hierarchical taxonomy terms now check parents all the way up the tree for any archive settings (props @hellofromTonya).


  • Added: Setting to disable term archives by taxonomy.

  • Fixed: [grid] was not linking correctly when displaying taxonomy terms with image_location="bg".


  • Added: Setting to allow featured images to be used as the banner image.
  • Added: Child category/taxonomy archives now fallback to their parent term banner image (up to 4 levels deep).
  • Added: [grid] slider can now autoplay via autoplay="true" and adjust autoplay speed with speed="3000".


  • Added: Entry pagination now shows a 'tiny' thumbnail.
  • Fixed: Mai Pro front page now works as expected if set to display latest posts.
  • Fixed: Featured image caption display if featured image is set to auto-display.

  • Fixed: Error when running PHP 5.3.

  • Fixed: Entry meta spacing.


  • Added: You can now align featured images left or right when post archives are in columns.
  • Added: Default favicon.
  • Changed: Odd sections now have a white background as a default.
  • Fixed: Center logo on logo screen.
  • Fixed: Section content alignment on Safari 7/8 and IE11.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce notice content alignment.


  • Added: Screen reader text to read more links in [grid].
  • Changed: Use dedicated anchor link for flex loop and grid entry bg links.


  • Added: Entry header/content/footer filters to [grid] shortcode entries.
  • Fixed: Remove nested links when showing excerpts or full content in archive flex loop.
  • Fixed: Remove redundent conditional checks in flex loop.
  • Fixed: Better archive setting check for Woo custom taxos.
  • Fixed: FacetWP arg is no longer true by default.
  • Fixed: Extra entry pagination margin.
  • Fixed: Table styling.
  • FIxed: Mobile menu toggle won't shrink if logo is big on smaller screens.


  • Changed: Refactor archive settings output functions.
  • Changed: Allow menu itmes to wrap on primary/secondary nav.
  • Fixed: Cleanup tabs/spaces.


  • Added: Banner alignment setting.

  • Fixed: z-index issue on sections template prohibiting editing of some fields.


  • Added: FacetWP support in [grid] shortcode.
  • Added: Add additional settings to each section.
  • Changed: Move section settings to slide out side panel.

  • Fixed: Remove unnecessary width declaration on img.


  • Fixed: IE fix for full width section wrap not centering.


  • Initial release.
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